Is It Time to Repair Your Sewer Line?

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A broken sewer line can turn sour fast, but a timely repair will save you.

A broken sewer line can turn sour fast, but a timely repair will save you. Plumbing issues are normal, but their frequency and severity will tell you if a bigger issue needs to be addressed. Here are some signs your line needs to be inspected immediately. Call our emergency hotline for an immediate response. During after-hours, our technician will arrive within two hours. 

Smelling Sewage or a Gas Odor

Like smelling or seeing smoke in your house, immediately evacuate if you smell sewage or foul gas. Contact Mahon Plumbing for our emergency hotline that is available 24 hours and 7 days a week. The gases that form in the sewer line are able to escape, in a healthy system, through proper ventilation. If the sewer line is damaged, the gas will have nowhere to go but into your house. Because the gas from the sewer line is toxic, it is flammable. Contact emergency services right away.

Crack in Your Foundation

If you can see cracks in your foundation, it could be an indicator of issues with your sewer line. It may not seem likely, but if a sewer line is damaged, it will leak into your home’s foundation. Over time, it will hurt that foundation and create cracks. At Mahon Plumbing, we use a video camera to inspect cracks in your foundation and other plumbing issues. 

Sewage Backups

The obvious, most significant sign that your sewer line is damaged is sewage backup, especially if it has happened in the past. A sewage backup is when sewage comes up your water line. The sewage will come out of any drain or plumbing like a sink or toilet. Dealing with it yourself can lead to more damage to your plumbing, so leave it to the professionals. Call our emergency hotline to get your sewage line in order. The mess that sewage backups make is awful. Consider hiring professional cleaners if you don’t feel up to the daunting task of scrubbing dirt, debris, and raw sewage from your bathroom floor and walls. If not, put all waste into trash bags and throw them away immediately. As soon as possible, clean all surfaces that the sewage touched with warm water and soap. 

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