How and Why You Should Avoid Chemical Drain Cleaners

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Choosing how to solve a drain clog can feel intimidating, but here’s why you should avoid chemical drain cleaners.

Choosing how to solve a drain clog can feel intimidating, but here’s why you should avoid chemical drain cleaners. Chemical drain cleaners dissolve the material causing a clog, but they don’t stop there. Those chemicals remain and will affect your pipes.

Toxic for You, Your Pets, and Your Environment

Firstly, liquid drain cleaners are not guaranteed to work. Without knowing the direct cause of the clog in your plumbing, you may be inviting the drain cleaner to eat your pipes instead of your clog. Typically, liquid drain cleaners contain toxic chemicals that should only be dealt with in small amounts. They also shouldn’t be combined. Intense chemicals like the ones found in liquid drain cleaners don’t play nice together. You can accidentally create mustard gas or other toxic fumes. If the liquid drain cleaners do not dissolve the clog, there is a good chance those cleaners will stay at the clog until completely removed. Additionally, your septic tank is also not built for modern drain cleaners. Septic tanks operate by using naturally occurring bacteria to consume your waste. By introducing chemical cleaners, you kill that bacteria. By removing the bacteria, you could be creating an unstable environment in your septic tank. You don’t want that.  

Other Solutions

If the issue is not resolved after plunging the drain, call Mahon Plumbing! We have video camera inspections and the experience to find the cause of your clog. Avoid using a snake on your drain clog, no matter how smelly it is. Most drain snakes are made from plastic with prongs that can break and contribute to the clog. Our services are adaptable to all your plumbing needs, including regular drain clogs or nasty smells. Your plumbing may need emergency drain cleaning services that your liquid drain cleaner simply cannot solve. 

Preventative Measures

Schedule regular cleanings for your plumbing! Mahon Plumbing can inspect your water lines, septic tanks, and drains. We can help you find financing that is available to you. Putting off plumbing issues can only harm your pipes, making them more costly to repair in the future. Getting your gutters cleaned can prevent significant problems from debris getting into your plumbing. The biggest thing to watch for with your plumbing is leaks. Look for puddles, rust, or dripping. 

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