What to Do If Your Toilet Gets Clogged and You Don’t Own a Plunger


Dealing with a clogged toilet is a pain no matter what, but it can be especially difficult if you don’t own a plunger.

A clogged toilet can create numerous problems inside your home. A clogged toilet can quickly lead to a leak being developed which can quickly turn into an even bigger issue in your bathroom that you will have to address immediately. Usually, a clogged toilet can easily be fixed by taking a plunger to it and getting to work. However, if you find yourself in a situation where you do not have a plunger handy, make sure you are prepared to take one of the following approaches to handling your clogged toilet.

Hot Water

One solution you can use on a clogged toilet when you do not have a plunger is you can pour hot water down your toilet. The heat that comes from the hot water you are dumping into your toilet should help break down whatever waste is clogging the toilet, allowing your toilet to flush the broken down clog. A word of warning though: do not use boiling hot water. If the water is too hot, it can crack your toilet bowl. So just make sure you fill up a bucket or large pot with hot tap water and that should hopefully do the trick, or at least get you started in fixing this clog.

Poke It

Another solution to handling a clogged toilet is by trying to find the proper tool around your home to poke the clog enough in hopes of dislodging it. Luckily you do not need a plunger for this since many household items can be used in this situation. Grab an old wire coat hanger, unfold it, stick down your toilet and start to poke and prod at the clog until the job is hopefully done. Although while doing this, if you are doing it roughly you run the risk of scratching the fragile porcelain that your toilet is made of.

Call for Help

Since many DIY solutions come with their fair share of difficulties and risks, you may want to take into consideration simply calling for professional help. Not having a plunger already means you are not exactly properly equipped to handle a clogged toilet, and whatever home solution you use to remedy your clogged toilet may not actually work. This is why you may just want to go ahead and go for the sure thing and call for help.

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