Top Signs Your Residential Boiler Needs Servicing

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We can help guide you through a few top signs that your residential boiler needs servicing through Mahon Plumbing.

At Mahon Plumbing, we know that your boiler is a critical component of your household comfort by providing heating and hot water throughout your home. When your boiler stops functioning or you start to experience hot water issues, it could be time to contact Mahon Plumbing for servicing. If you’re experiencing boiler failure or problematic boiler issues, you could be vulnerable to a variety of problems, including increased utility bills and a lack of heating throughout your home. We can help guide you through a few top signs that your residential boiler needs servicing through Mahon Plumbing.

Strange Sounds May Signal Your Boiler Needs Servicing

Usually, a well-working boiler will function quietly while it’s running. Strange sounds, clunking, gargling, banging, and whirring noises emitted from your boiler may indicate that your boiler needs servicing. Additionally, if you hear something that’s reminiscent of a whistle emitted from your boiler, it might indicate that your water pressure is too low or kettling, with trapped debris within the base. You can contact the professionals at Mahon Plumbing for an on-site consultation to determine whether your boiler needs to be repaired. 

Foul Smells, Leaks, and More

Anything that seems out of the ordinary for your normally well-functioning boiler can indicate that it’s in need of repair. Foul smells and pooling leaks are far from normal when it comes to a functioning boiler. Your boiler should never have an unsightly smell or water pooling underneath of it. Additionally, a foul smell can indicate that you have a carbon monoxide leak that needs immediate emergency services. 

High Heating Bills, Lack of Hot Water, and Cold Temps

A few telltale signs that your boiler needs servicing is consistently high heating bills, a lack of water, and cold temperatures that may impact your comfort within your home. High heating bills coupled with a lack of hot water and cold temperatures is a telltale indicator that your boiler needs to be repaired, replaced, or immediately serviced by Mahon Plumbing. Contact us today!

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