What Are the Warning Signs of a Broken Sewer Line?

Sewer Line

Suspect you may be dealing with a broken sewer line? Keep an eye out for some of these obvious warning signs.

As sewer lines are buried underneath your yard, it might be difficult for the untrained eye to know when there’s a problem. However, if you know a few signs to look for, it can help you get ahead of the problem before it gets worse. Here are the warning signs of a broken sewer line.

Watch the Drains

One of the first and easiest signs of a broken sewer line are drains that clog easily. While there are a few culprits that can be responsible for the clog, like hair, it could also very well be a sign that there’s a sewer line issue. You can use some of the usual techniques to free the drain of the clog, but it they don’t work, you likely have a deeper problem. If you can’t fix the clog and if they begin to happen more frequently and throughout your home, especially in your toilet, kitchen sink, or shower, seek some professional assistance to find the source of the problem.

Soggy Yard

Have you taken a step in your yard and noticed that there’s more water than there should be? Some broken sewer lines are caused by tree roots that have penetrated the piping. This will cause water to pool up in your yard, creating a soggy mess. If the sewer line is buried pretty deep underground, it might be rather difficult to detect a break. Professionals will have to use various forms of technology to confirm that there is a sewer line and it might take some time before they can reach and fix the break.

Bad Smells

You may notice a sewer line break before you see any resulting issues because of a bad odor in the air. If you start to smell the scent of sewer gas traveling into and throughout your home, it’s a clear indication that there is a problem that needs immediate attention. Even a clog in the sewer line could cause the bad smell to start infiltrating your home. If you can follow the strength of the odor to your yard, then that could be a sign of a sewer line leak.

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