What’s Causing Your Sump Pump Failure?

Sump Pump

Having issues with your sump pump? These are some of the most common issues that come about.

Sump pumps are systems that many homeowners rely on to protect their property and valuable items from water damage and flooding. If you’ve recently experienced a failure, here are some possible reasons for the problem.

Power Outage

Sump pumps use electricity to operate. In many big storms, you may experience a power outage and with that will go the function of your sump pump. Make sure that you use a backup generator to make sure that your sump pump can continue to operate during a storm, even when the power goes out.

Wrong Size

Sump pumps are not one-size-fits-all. If you experience a failure, it might be because the size that you installed is not appropriate for your home. If the model you purchased is too small, it won’t be able to keep up with the amount of water that it needs to process. One that’s too big will end up working harder than necessary and not lasting as long as it should.

Improper Installation

Professional sump pump installation is the way to avoid failure due to do-it-yourself installation. The pumps and all other components must be installed to manufacturer specifications. Anything else will cause the sump pump to fail and even cause damage to your home and plumbing system.

Switch Problems

Keep an eye on the position of the pump in the basin. If it shifts positions, it will cause the float to become ineffective and therefore, cause the sump pump to fail. An ineffective float causes problems with the system’s on/off switch.

Blocked Lines

Blocked discharge lines will cause the entire system to fail. If the line is blocked because of freezing or a clogged line, the sump pump won’t be able to effectively direct the water away from your home.

Defective Unit

Although rare, it is possible that you are the lucky owner of a defective sump pump. If none of the above factors are true and your system is still failing, then it could be an issue with the unit. Be sure to test your sump pump on a regular basis so that you become aware of an issue before you need your sump pump to operate in an emergency.

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