What’s Right For You, a Shower or Bath?

Bath / Shower

Are you the kind of person who prefers a shower, bath, or both?

Cleanliness is an important aspect of life. When you are clean, it is sign of good hygiene and a healthy lifestyle. Cleaning yourself is a practice that (hopefully) everyone partakes in, however, how they do so may not be universal since there are two different ways to get clean. It is a question as old as time: do I want a bath or a shower? They will both get the job done, but the processes differ greatly. However, you may be indecisive as to whether you are more of a bath person or a shower person. Let’s spend a minute then and try to figure out whether a bath or shower is right for you.

Water Usage

One of the biggest differences between a shower and bath is the amount of water being used. To fill a bath up to the appropriate amount of water for you, it will most likely take close to 36 gallons of water. Meanwhile, showers consumes approximately 5 gallons of water per minute. Certain low-flow showerheads can even reach amounts as low as 1.5 gallons, conserving a tremendous amount of water as long as the shower is not too long. Although, there are always potential leaks to look out for in both bathes and showers, but a shower does have more ways for you to have to worry about leaks for, like bad handles and old seals. Although with the more water being used to create your bath, the more hot water that will take up as well and hold you and your family form doing other activities and chores.


One of the biggest advantages a bath has over a shower is that a bath can be much more comfortable than a shower. A bath allows your entire body to lay down and relax, rest after a long day, while a shower does require you to stand during the process. A shower can be relaxing in its own way, but there is no real debate that a bath requires less work form your end aside from just waiting for the bath to fill up. Although, there are some people who may argue that perhaps a bath is “too” comfortable, and prefer to just get their bath over with.


Baths thrive when it comes to being comfortable, showers however, beat baths out when it comes to time consumption. Typically showers do not take much time at all, unless you are someone that enjoys a long hot shower. A shower only takes a few short seconds to heat up and be ready for you to get in and clean yourself up quickly. Baths however, require patience and time to fill up, and then once ready, you will want to try and enjoy your bath for as long as you can. So if time is important to you, a shower is he direction you will want to go in.

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