Why is Your Hot Water Running Out So Quickly?

Hot Water Heater

Why are you running out of hot water so fast? Is it related to your hot water heater?

There are few things in this world that are more than a nuisance than when a shower goes suddenly from hot to cold. Everyone has experienced this situation before, and there is doubt that there is a single person ok with this unpleasant surprise. There is no way to proper prepare the shock to your system and it always leaves you wondering, how could this have possibly have happened? Why is there no more hot water? How could it have run out so fast? Is there a problem with my hot water heater? Well as it turns out, there are plenty of potential answers to this question.

Size of the Tank

Sometimes, the problem with running out of hot water lies within the size of the tank. Most hot water heaters are designed to heat up a certain amount of water per an hour, meaning you essentially have a set amount of hot water that you can potentially use every hour. So, if you sit down and do the math, you can determine how much hot water you theoretically would need to use and can use, and plan around that. You might realize that perhaps your large family needs to space out the times they take their showers more, or when they do their loads of laundry. Or perhaps it may be time to invest in a larger tank, or even a tankless hot water heater. A tankless hot water heater will give you and your family all the hot water you could possibly need constantly, while also being more energy efficient that traditional hot water heaters with tanks. However, a tankless hot water heater does have a limited output, meaning that it flows at a slower rate. So you may have to choose between running the dishwasher or the washing machine for laundry.

Needs Proper Maintenance

Maintenance and upkeep is important for any home appliance, especially one you lean on so dependently like a hot water heater. To make sure hot water continues to run smoothly throughout your house, and that hopefully you never have to worry about running out of hot water, it is crucial that you make sure it receives the proper care and maintenance it needs to run properly. Check the temperature regularly to make sure that it is not running too hot. Drain the tank about once a season to remove any sediment that may have gotten into it and to help allow the water to move more smoothly. And, when your hot water heater is in need of repairs, call for a professional to come by your home and take a look at it to make sure you will be getting the hot water you need.

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