Here’s What Could Be Causing Your Sink to Smell Like Sulfur

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The sulfur smell coming from your sink can come from several sources.

Unfortunately, sulfur smells in your bathroom are all too common — they can however be a cause for concern when not treated properly. In fact, if it’s your bathroom sink that smells like sulfur regularly, it could be a sign that there is an issue with the plumbing in your home. The reality is, the smell will typically come from a gas called hydrogen sulfide. This means that bacteria from the ground has come into your pipes and subsequently your home. Ultimately, you’ll need to determine whether the smell is coming from your water or the pipes — this will guide the professionals to know how best to remedy the issue effectively and efficiently. Here are some key reasons why your bathroom sink smells like sulfur.

Is It Coming From The Water Or The Drain?

Knowing where exactly the smell is coming from becomes the most important information in determining the best route to take moving forward. In fact, the best way to determine where the sulfur smell is coming from is to take a glass of water and take it outside to smell it. The reality is, you’ll want to do this test with both cold and hot water. Ultimately, if there is only a sulfur odor coming from the hot water, then you can begin to suspect that your hot water heater is to blame. That being said, if the smell isn’t present in either sample, then it is most likely a result of your drain.

Is It Just This Specific Fixture?

The next thing you will want to determine is whether the smell is coming from this specific faucet fixture or whether it’s throughout your home. In fact, if you happen to detect the smell coming from your water, then you will absolutely want to check the water throughout your home. The reality is, it might be a localized plumbing issue or something of a bigger issue — which is why having a professional come in to determine the problem and find the right solution will be the best route to take to protect your home and remedy the situation effectively and efficiently.

Bottom Line

At the end of the day, there is nothing worse than having a sulfur smell permeating through your home. In fact, diagnosing the issue and remedying it immediately becomes increasingly important for homeowners everywhere. 

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