4 of the Most Common Boiler Repairs

4 of the Most Common Boiler Repairs

You might be surprised when you notice any issues with your boiler.

A boiler is an intricate piece of equipment, and yet it’s one that usually does not require repair. That is one of the great things about a boiler; it is incredibly durable and tends to require little maintenance. That is why you might be surprised when you notice any issues with your boiler. However, it is bound to happen at one point or another. Take a look at a few of the problems you might come across when owning a boiler instead of a forced-air heating system. Here’s four of the most common boiler repairs you should expect.


Kittling is a major issue common to hot water boilers. If you do not recognize the term, you may recognize the sound that it makes: a loud rumbling or banging coming from the heating unit. If this occurs with your heater, and you haven’t called a professional to investigate, it is time. This can become a much bigger issue than it is now.

Dripping and Leaking

Another common boiler repair, and one that usually comes with emergency calls, is when a boiler starts to leak. When the leak is coming from directly the boiler tank, you have a significant issue on your hands. The boiler has probably begun to corrode through and will require replacement. However, a leak can also come from a pressure relief pump or valve, and these things can be repaired.

Pilot Troubles

The pilot light isn’t what it used to be before. In the past, you just had to light the pilot light and leave it running throughout the day and night, so the heat was readily available. Today, some boilers still use this same method, but others use electronic ignition to heat water only when needed. If you can’t light a pilot light on your own, you will need help from professionals to diagnose pilot and ignition system problems. This is one way to go about a proper boiler repair.

Lack of Heat

When there is a boiler that has no heat, there is no telling what we at Mahon Plumbing might find. While the problem could have to do with the ignition, there are plenty of possible issues to consider. A safety switch could be preventing the boiler from staying on. Also, a pump could be broken, or you could have a screwed up thermostat.

If you have any emergency issues with your boiler, call Mahon Plumbing to provide you with a proper boiler repair!

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