Shower Habits That Could Ruin Your Home’s Plumbing

Shower Habits That Could Ruin Your Home's Plumbing

Many people are unaware that their shower habits are having negative impacts on their home’s plumbing.

Many people are unaware that their shower habits are having negative impacts on their home’s plumbing. In fact, there are many common things we all do that are leaving our plumbing worse off — each and every time we hop in the shower. Here are some of the common shower habits people are doing daily that are hindering their plumbing and how to stop that.

Long, Steamy Showers 

Those long, hot showers are not only bad for your skin but could also be incredibly harmful to the plumbing in your home. In fact, this bad habit is causing some serious issues to your plumbing system. These hot showers can ultimately create the perfect environment for mold to grow — particularly in your pipes. If you want to avoid the harmful mold that can result from extensively hot showers, try using proper ventilation methods like keeping your window open (even just a crack) to provide an escape for all that excess moisture that results from all that steam that comes after a long, hot shower.

Keeping The Loofah 

While this is seemingly all too common among people, storing your loofah in the shower can be incredibly harmful. In fact, this innocent habit can also be a perfect place for mold to grow. What’s worse is that when you rub your loofah the next time you hop in the shower, you are ultimately spreading more germs and bacteria on yourself. Ideally, take the loofah out of the shower after each use and wring it dry before using it next.

Hair In The Drain 

We all know that hair in the drain is a pain we all deal with. In fact, leaving hair down the drain can be a total killer to your plumbing. Hair in your drain will likely cause it to drain the water very slowly leading to excess moisture and therefore another perfect hotbed for mold growth in your humble abode. 

Bottom Line For Your Plumbing

At the end of the day, taking care of your bathroom is the key to ensuring your plumbing runs smoothly. In fact, an issue with your home’s plumbing could be incredibly costly which is why you’ll want to be mindful of the excess moisture that may arise in your bathroom along with any other issues you sense that could lead to plumbing issues in the long run. 

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