4 Steps for Removing Old Caulk in Your Bathroom


Trying to remove caulk can be tricky if you don’t know the process from the beginning.

At some point, the caulk in your bathroom is going to get old enough that it splits or wears away. You’ll notice yourself getting annoyed at how it looks and want to make a change for the better. Adding new caulk is an easy task but getting rid of the old caulk isn’t quite as simple. If you’re confused about how to remove caulk from your bathroom, read on to find out what you can do and how you can remove your old caulk in just 4 easy steps.

Soften Existing Caulk

It’s much easier to remove existing caulk when you soften it up a bit first. To do this, use a caulk remover and apply it to any existing caulk you want to get rid of. Now you have to play the waiting game: if you’ve got time on your hands, give it a full 24 hours. If not, make sure you wait at least 2 hours. This breaks down the caulk and makes it much easier for you to remove, saving you plenty of time and stress when getting the job done.

Removing Caulk

Once it’s soft enough, you’re able to tackle the job of actually removing your caulk. Get your caulk removal tool (be sure to use a tool specified for the job rather than a utility knife) and get to work. Using a tool meant for the job ensures that you will have the work done cleaner and easier.

Cleaning Up

This can actually be a pretty messy process that requires some cleaning afterwards. You may notice small bits of caulk left scattered around your tub and those require being cleaned up. You’ll want to use an old toothbrush to get rid of any small, old caulk bits that are between the tile and the bathtub and make sure the area is as clear as possible.


Now that your area is clean, it’s time to sterilize the area of your tub and tile that held old caulk. Simply clean the surface area with alcohol, let it dry out, and then wash the entire area with either your favorite bathroom cleaning product or a solution made of one part bleach and three parts water. This helps remove any hidden dirt and nastiness that might be lurking after you took up all of that caulk and will result in a cleaner bathroom for longer.

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