What to Know About Plumbing Before Starting a Bathroom Remodel


Having your bathroom remodeled is exciting but requires some plumbing considerations.

Starting a bathroom remodel can be an exciting process. The thrill and expectation of a beautiful new space is something few can resist. However, before you get too deep into the process it’s a good idea to take a step back and consider that there are some plumbing tips you may need to know before making any final decisions.

Understand Your Plumbing

Before you begin making your design you’ll want a thorough evaluation of the state of your plumbing system. Much of what you are able to do can depend on what your system looks like and only a professional will really be able to guide you in the right direction. Getting to know what your plumbing system is capable of can limit the choices you make, which means it’s important to get a good understanding before making any big purchases.

Learn About Water Supply

If you hope to add additional sinks, shower heads, or a soaker tub you may need to look into how much water your pipes can pump out. In homes built before 1980 pipes tend to be narrower meaning that the water supply might not be capable of providing enough water for more sophisticated and intricate updates. If this is the case a full plumbing replacement is possible but the easiest option is to adjust your designs accordingly.

Similarly, you’ll want to take drain placement into account. Where your drains are located can be difficult and expensive to change which means you may want to stick with drain placements when deciding on the layout. Although this limits where in the bathroom you can adjust your showers and tubs, it can also help to simplify your renovation process by making you think more creatively. This year many of the trends for bathroom remodeling focus on streamlined design, a difficult bathroom may just be a perfect way to explore this fad.

Learn More From Mahon

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