4 Temporary Plumbing Repairs That Could Waste Your Money

4 Temporary Plumbing Repairs That Could Waste Your Money

Duct tape is one temporary plumbing fixtures that will end up costing you a lot of money.

There’s an old saying that “if anything can go wrong, it will go wrong.” This quote can certainly be accurate when it comes down to plumbing. In the age of the Internet, it is very tempting to turn to the web for simple plumbing hacks. But these temporary plumbing solutions can usually cause more trouble than they’re worth, wasting your time and hard-earned money. Mahon Plumbing offers helpful plumbing solutions to help you avoid the dangers of temporary solutions that cost you a lot of money in the long term. Read on to learn more about how these temporary plumbing repairs are not worth the hassle.

Pipe Clamping

When keeping the water shut off isn’t a feasible solution, it can be very tempting to fix a broken pipe with a pipe clamp temporarily. When the rest of your pipe is in decent condition, it can be very tempting to leave the pipe clamp as a permanent solution. This stopgap measure won’t stand the test of time.


You may be tempted to seal the leak up with epoxy, a kind of adhesive putty that hardens up against the pipe. Epoxy can patch up a crack until you get the opportunity to replace a pipe. However, in some cases, it is much more cost-effective to replace the pipe. This is a plumbing repair that could prove costly if you don’t treat it right away.

Repair Tape

While many repair tapes on the market claim to have super strength and durability, they still only offer you a quick plumbing repair fix, stalling the inevitable repairs for only a short amount of time. They’ll likely fail much sooner than any other patch-up repair. For these kinds of plumbing repairs, it’s best to contact a professional for expert opinions on where to go.

Duct Tape

If you’ve got any duct tape lying around and are desperate for a temporary plumbing fixture for a leaky pipe, this could work. This method is probably one of the least likely to result in a successful repair of your home’s pipes, so it is advised not to turn your water back on unless you need it. Call the professionals from Mahon Plumbing immediately if you have to result to using duct tape as a plumbing repair.

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