7 Signs You Have a Damaged Sewer Line

Mahon Plumbing Damaged Sewer Line

There are a few telltale signs that you may be dealing with a damaged sewer line—some are more obvious than others.

As a home or business owner, probably pretty close to the very last thing you want to deal with is a damaged sewer line. The thought of sewage backing up into your personal (sacred!) space is enough to compel most folk at a brisk pace toward the nearest hills. But how can you tell if your sewer line is in trouble before it turns into a complete disaster? -We’ve got you covered! 

Read along below for seven signs your sewer line may be in serious trouble.

1. It’s Getting a Little Ripe in Here…

Hey, everyone loves a nice toilet-side candle, but if you’re smelling something funky coming from your drains, it is decidedly not the latest scent sensation—nor destined to be. This is, in fact, a telltale sign that your sewer line could be cracked. No one wants sewer gas wafting through their home or business, so don’t ignore this warning!

2. Slow and Steady Doesn’t Win Every Race…

If your drains are moving at a snail’s pace, sure, it could just be due to a clog. But if multiple plumbing fixtures are draining slowly, it could indeed be the effects of a broken sewer line. And if tree roots—strong, stubborn burrowers-through-anything—have decided to make your sewer line their new home, well, let’s just say they aren’t known to pay rent… and won’t think twice about contributing to your financial load.

3. A Lush Life Ain’t Always a Good Thing…

We all want and appreciate a verdant lawn, but: if you have an area that’s “thriving” significantly/noticeably more than the rest, it could well be evidence of a collapsed sewer line. The grass may be greener in that one oddly localized patch (as the saying goes), but the water and “nutrients” from the sewage aren’t doing your soil any favors in the long run. And let’s face it, a soggy lawn—especially considering the “sog-source” in this case—is no fun for anyone.

4. Who Let the… Bugs Out??

If you happen to notice an uptick in insect and rodent activity in or around the ol’ homestead, this, too, could be due to a broken sewer line. -The little critters tend to hang their hats/hearths in sewers, and so, can/will find their way into your space if given the “open” opportunity. So, if you’re not a particular fan of creepy-crawlies—or even if you like ‘em just fine but would prefer nothing chewing at/burrowing into/defecating throughout your home… well, then, this is one sign you likely shouldn’t ignore.

5. Wet Spots—Not a Good Look

If you begin to notice wet spots on your ceilings, walls, or floors, this could be another sign of a collapsed sewer line or broken water pipe.-Which, if left unchecked, can lead to mold and mildew spreading, which transcends “gross” to warrant outright “health hazard” status. Plus, water damage tends to be a pain to fix—not remotely something you want to deal with.

6. Cracks in the Foundation…

We’re not talking about the latest skincare trend here, folks. (Rimshot?) [Ed.: Denied.] If you notice new cracks in your foundation, it could be yet another indication of a broken sewer line in nefarious action, namely, washing away the soil supporting your structure. And if that’s the case, it’s not gonna get better over time—that is, not without intervention. So, best to get it checked out sooner rather than later.

7. Beware the Dreaded Sinkhole!

If you notice a sinkhole forming in your yard… well, first off, bummer. Sorry, friend. But, do note that this could be the destructive byproduct of (-you guessed it:) a cracked sewer pipe. And should this happen, please further note that it’s not just unsightly but can be outright dangerous. Hazardous, even! And, adding insult to injury, a major draw for unwanted critters. Take immediate action.

Closing Thoughts: The Fix Is In

If you’ve noticed any of these woeful signs, it’s certainly time to call in the professionals. Better to act at the onset, and thereby with greater potential to halt complete disasters-in-the-making. Now equipped with closed-circuit TV inspection systems, the pros are on standby to quickly determine the location(s) of any break and, all the more efficiently/effectively, take action with repairs or replacement. The safer, the less sorry. Trust us on this one.

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