How to Combat Garbage Disposal Odors

Garbage Disposal

Is your garbage disposal suffering from obnoxious odors? Try out these tips for making it fresh again.

Though garbage disposals are arguably the most useful kitchen appliance, they come at a cost. Using your garbage disposal regularly probably means that there are some lingering odors that you can’t wait to get rid of. Along with an unusual smell, your garbage disposal may also be attracting pests that you don’t want inside your house! The everyday use of your garbage disposal can lead to nasty smells, but that’s totally preventable! Stop the smell from spreading to your entire kitchen by using some of these tips listed below.

Stick Some Stuff Down There!

The easiest way to get rid of garbage disposal odors is to run it while sticking some things down it. If the smell has not been lingering for very long, these solutions are a quick and easy fix. Consider grinding up some citrus peels with your garbage disposal. Whether you peel a lemon or an orange, keep the shavings around and stick them down the sink. The natural oils from the peels will be released when they are ground up and make your kitchen smell like an island paradise.

Another way to easily get rid of garbage disposal stink is to run the appliance while dumping ice cubes down the sink. Grinding ice cubes will flush any unpleasant odors away. Plus, there is an added bonus with this strategy: the ice cubes will also sharpen the blades of your garbage disposal.

If ice cubes and citrus peels don’t do the trick, consider pouring bleach down there. Be careful, because bleach can be terribly caustic. Bleach, plus the addition of cold water, will disinfect the insides of your garbage disposal and also aid in cleaning out your pipes. It can also dissolve small food particles that may be trapped in your drain and pipes as well.

Manual Cleaning

If running your garbage disposal with some of the above items doesn’t do the trick to remove any awful smell, you may have to manually clean your unit. Do not despair, though. Sometimes, odors do not even emanate from below the drain itself. It may be as simple as brushing off the lid of your drain. Simply wash clean with soap, warm water, and a sponge or dish brush.

Your last resort will be to clean the garbage disposal itself. Extreme care should be taken when doing this. Make certain that your unit is both turned off and unplugged! Once every safety precaution has been taken, clean your unit with soap, water, and a brush.

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