What Those Plumbing Sounds May Mean For Your Home


Are all those plumbing noises making you nervous? It turns out, those sounds may be an indication of certain problems.

All houses have their own unique soundtracks. Sometimes it’s the way that old tree scratches on the window frame or the hardwood floors creak in the den. And sometimes it is the pipes. Perhaps those pipe sounds you hear are all perfectly innocent, but many sounds can be problematic, signaling that something is wrong with your plumbing.

Pipes That Bang

If you’ve ever turned the spigot on and heard a loud bang or smack sound, that is the water hammer. It happens when the air chambers in your pipes fill with water. The loud smack is the sound of the water banging against a closed valve that is stopping the flow. While most people write the noise off as just annoying, it can actually damage pipes and loosen joints over time. Have a plumber come in to clear the water from the air chambers and check the pipes out for any issues.

Pipes That Gurgle

The gurgling sound that you might be hearing is the result of a clog that blocks the water as it drains. If the gurgle is specific to one drain, the clog is likely in that drain. However, if you hear gurgling regardless of what is being drained, like in your bathroom when your kitchen sink is draining, then it might be a problem in your drain vents. If your drains are not properly vented, you can get air bubbles in them which causes the gurgle sounds. Call in a professional to check your vents and replace them if necessary.

Pipes That Screech

Screeching sounds relating to plumbing, ofter indicate a problem with a faucet. If you hear a high pitched screech when you turn it on, but before the water actually comes out of the faucet, there is something loose or defective within the faucet. This is easily fixed by replacing the faucet altogether.

Pipes That Shake

When water runs through pipes, it causes them to shake. This is just simple physics. However, we usually don’t hear the shaking because they pipes are securely fastened to beams or joists. If the shaking is loud enough for you to notice, your pipes need to be secured better, either by tightening mounting straps or replacing brackets. If your piping is easily accessed, this could be a DIY project, but if getting to the noisy pipes is difficult, consider calling in an expert.

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