Most Common Plumbing Issues In Commercial Buildings

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Many plumbing issues, if left untreated, will cause severe damage to a commercial building.

Commercial buildings are often left unattended over holidays and weekends. Many plumbing issues, if left untreated, will cause severe damage to a commercial building. Commercial buildings are especially susceptible to these common plumbing issues:

Leaky Faucets and Pipes

A leaky sink faucet is evident because it makes a dripping sound and may not turn off all the way when it is used. However, if a leak is left unattended for a significant amount of time, it will waste hundreds of gallons of water, leaving your business with a huge water bill. Leaks are not limited to sinks. They can happen behind walls or under cabinets. Leaky pipes are just as financially draining like a leaky faucet. Periodically check your sinks and any showers in your commercial building for leaks. If there are steadily growing water spots on your ceilings or walls, consider calling us. At Mahon Plumbing, we have advanced technology to investigate pipes without causing internal damage. 

Clogged Drains and Toilets

Every commercial building has custodial staff that deals with cleaning the office, including the bathrooms. However, it is common for businesses not to use their offices in the contemporary workspace because they have transferred to a remote work model. If an office, just like a home, is left unattended for a period of time without proper janitorial maintenance, the plumbing may become an issue. Any clogged drains or toilets will grow mold and possibly make a difficult problem worse. Instead of attempting to fix the clog yourself, especially if it has been left alone for months, call Mahon Plumbing. We have an emergency hotline that operates 24/7. If left to dry out, clogged drains and toilets can become serious plumbing hazards. The same goes for running toilets.

Low Water Pressure

Most commercial buildings do not have showers where you can quickly tell the water pressure is off. It is recommended that a plumber evaluate your water pressure periodically to keep your commercial building running smoothly. Low water pressure can cause issues with flushing and any dishwashers or sinks in the office. If toilets are not flushing well and the faucets are barely turning on, you more than likely have a low water pressure issue. 

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