What to Do About a Possible Leak in Your Basement

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Avoid growing mold and mildew in your basement by fixing possible leaks with Mahon Plumbing.

A possible leak in your basement can feel frustrating and scary. At Mahon Plumbing, we are dedicated to keeping your family safe and comfortable with our emergency repair services. Avoid growing mold and mildew in your basement by fixing possible leaks with Mahon Plumbing. 

Figuring Out Where Your Leak Is Coming From

Instead of spending the time to find the leak yourself, consider calling professionals that have modern technology to investigate your water and sewer lines. Because leaks can come from basement walls or ceilings, it is essential to hire experts that will find the source of the leak. 

What You Can Do While You Wait

Mahon Plumbing offers emergency plumbing repair services. One of our technicians will arrive within two hours and evaluate the situation. However, if you would rather schedule a repair at another time, here are some things you can do:

  • Use a bucket, trash bin, or bowl to catch the water as it is leaking. If the leak is flush against the wall, you can place a towel along the bottom of the wall to absorb water as it comes down.
  • Remove any electrical wires. Depending on where the leak is in your basement, there may be exposed wires involved. Electrocution from a leaky pipe is possible but uncommon. To avoid it, look for exposed wires before stepping into the puddles. If the wires are not exposed or broken but are reachable, remove them with rubber gloves. 
  • Try to figure out how long the leak has been happening. The longer a leak is left alone, the more likely it will spread and get worse. Standing water is a breeding ground for bugs and mold.

Prevent Leaks in Your Basement

Sometimes leaks are unavoidable. Over time, pipes get clogged or rusty and need to be replaced. However, there are a few ways to monitor your plumbing. During hard rain, check your basement walls and ceilings for any leaks. If there is a chance of flooding in your basement, a leak will begin during heavy rains. After the rain, you should check your basement for any evaporated puddle lines. This will tell you how much water is getting in the basement and where it could be coming from. Always set up regular plumbing inspections if basement leaks become a common issue for you.

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