What Can You Do to Reduce Your Risk of Leaks?


Preventing leaks can be essential in keeping your plumbing in proper shape. Give these tips a shot.

As homes and buildings age there are all kinds of problems to look out for, plumbing issues are just one of many. Leaks, in particular, can cause quick and irreversible damage, which is why preventing them is so vital to the well being of your entire home. While there are always risks, and plumbing should be thoroughly checked regularly (especially in older homes) there are a few steps you can take to reduce the risk of leaks.   

Reduce Water Pressure

High water pressure is something we all admire; water-using appliances work more effectively, showers are more enjoyable. But, there is such a thing as too much water pressure. Water pressure that’s too strong can cause unnecessary stress on piping, faucets, valves, and joints. To ensure that your water pressure is not too high you will want to call in a local plumber or purchase a hose bib gauge. Using this gauge, measure your water pressure; ideally you want the pressure to be between 40 and 85 psi. If your pressure is higher than this, you will need to install a pressure regulator. Remember, merely adding flow regulating shower heads or faucet tops is not enough to reduce the pressure of the entire system and won’t reduce your risk of damage.   

Soften Your Water

All water is full of different types of minerals, this is what creates the difference between hard and soft water. Hard water, which is often full of calcium and magnesium, can cause significant damage over time. The sediment of these minerals can build up causing blockages, and they can even corrode fitting and joints. If you notice a white buildup on your faucet or showerhead, you will want to have your water tested. If hard water is the cause of your issues, you will want to install a water softener, which is a piece of equipment whose size and features can vary depending on your needs.  

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