Energy Efficiency and Your Plumbing


Take advantage of plumbing technology and see if you can reduce your energy usage.

This spring give your wallet and the environment an upgrade by considering these water saving updated to your home plumbing system. As technology has advanced there have been a variety of changes to the way plumbing items are developed. Now, most come with built-in water saving features. If your home plumbing has yet to be updated, now is the perfect time to hop on the water saving train.

Low-Flow Showers and Aerators  

For your showers and faucets, the best way to conserve extra water is exceedingly simple. Switch to a low-flow shower head and add an aerator. Both of these methods save significant amounts of water every year without causing a lack of water pressure.

Tankless Water Heaters

Along with lasting longer and requiring less maintenance than their bulkier cousins, tankless water heaters are significantly more efficient. Energy is conserved because hot water is only heated when you need it as opposed to constantly.

Dual Flush Toilets

While dual flush toilets are still relatively new to the US they started to gain popularity in Australian and Europe in the 1980’s. Today you will find these in most public toilets in Europe as well as in many environmentally conscious buildings in the US. The average American home can save almost 15,000 gallons of water a year by replacing just one toilet in their home with a dual flush option.

Lower Temperatures

A very easy way to save energy while preventing injury is to ensure that your water heaters temperature is not set over 120F. At this point, your water will be hot enough to fulfill all its cleaning duties without causing scalds as you hop into the shower.

Fix Leaks Early

Not only can fixing leaks as soon as you find them prevent unwanted water damage but it also means you’re not wasting any additional water. Long term this can be a huge help and save you from expensive repairs.

Start Making Your Plumbing Changes Today

To get the most efficiency out of your plumbing system you can turn to Mahon Plumbing. Mahon Plumbing has been serving the Baltimore region’s plumbing needs since 1994. We’re ready to offer quality plumbing services and gas installation for both commercial and residential uses. Our tracks and employees are ready to handle the toughest of jobs.

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