How to Handle Hot Water Leaks

Hot Water Leaks

Dealing with hot water leaks can cause some homeowners to panic but it’s important to stay calm and find the source of the problem.

Even though a hot water heater is made to last your home for at least a decade (with proper care and maintenance of course). However, that does not mean that you are not susceptible to hot water leaks. These leaks need to be handled as soon as possible as leaks can quickly ruin your home. Hot water leaks in your home can cause mildew and mold to grow, and worst of all, leaks can cause structural damage in your home. So, at the first sign of leaks in your home, get ready to address and handle this problem immediately before it can worsen, and here’s some ways you can handle it.

Find any and all leaks

If you suspect a leak or know of one in your home, it is important to go on a hunt throughout your home to see if there are potentially multiple sources of leaks. So first, turn off and cut off all water consuming appliances in your home, then proceed to check your water meter. Take note where the dial rests, then after a little time has passed, check the meter again, and if it has moved, then there is a leak in your home. In this case, it means it is time for you to…

Cut the power and water

Once you suspect a hot water leak, it is important to cut the source of power to it right away. Afterwards, if you turned the water back on after you were inspecting for a possible leak, turn it back off. Locate the cold water line to your hot water heater, and turn the valve until it closes and the water is shutoff, thus preventing any further leak.

Call a professional

Even though it can be costly to call a professional to fix a broken pipe, it is a surefire way to fix it, and, will save you money in the long run from any damage (or further damage) that the leaks may cause. If you try to fix it on your own, you run into the possible scenario of getting in over your head, and making the problem worse than it already is. Once a professional plumber arrives, you will no longer have to worry about hot water leaks as your problem will disappear instantly.

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