Planning your bathroom addition

If you’re planning to add a bathroom to your home, you’re concerned with a lot more than just plumbing.  However, plumbing is a major component of the addition that you’ll need to plan for early on. This page offers some good tips.

  • You’ll have much less hassle if you place the new bathroom near an existing water line or a spot easily accessible to your plumbing system.
  • Make sure you plan at least 18 square feet for a powder room, 30 for a shower, 35 for a bathtub, and more for dual sinks or other features.
  • Consider other shower/tub options.  Steam and double showers are popular options as are handheld showerheads.

For all your plumbing needs while planning and building your addition, contact us. You can expect professional, timely service and the bathroom you’ve always wanted.

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