What Kinds of Toilets Are Most Common?


You may not even realize it but there are different kinds of toilets out there. Which type do you have?

You have done everything possible to try and keep your toilet going as long as possible, but it is time for it to finally be replaced. Now that you must buy a new toilet, you must first pick out which toilet to buy. Only problem here is that there are just so many options to choose from, it can be a tad overwhelming at first. It does not help either with the decision making procession that there many decisions that go into finding the right toilet for you. These include the look and style of the toilet, its functionality, and other luxury components that some toilets come equipped with nowadays. If you need help deciding or figuring out what components you may want in your toilet, here are some of the more common features people tend to look for in toilets.

Low Flow

Do not believe the stories and negative things said about low flow toilets. Many people claim to have issues with low flow toilets and how long it takes for them to flush or how it takes multiple flushes to do the job. This was true to an extent when they first came out, but nowadays, the problem has been rectified and they function perfectly well. If you are looking to cut back on the amount of water used in your home, then low flow toilets deserve a look from you.

Two-piece Toilet

Today, most homes possess two piece toilets, which is when the tank and bowl are manufactured separately and only united during installation. Since they require this extra combination step, they can be a hassle to install if you are doing it yourself. However, they do tend to come at a cheaper price to buy, and are also cheaper to repair. It would also not cost much to contact a plumber and have them install it for you.

Gravity-feed Flushing

You may not realize it, but odds are your current toilet features gravity-feed flushing. You will notice gravity-feed flushing works by water flowing down from the tank into the toilet bowl to push the waste down the drain.  It is as common as two-piece toilets, mainly because gravity-feed flushing is a feature in two piece toilets, which is why this process may seem so familiar to you.

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