What Should You Do When Your Toilet Overflows?

Overflowing Toilet

Knowing the emergency procedure for dealing with an overflowing toilet can prevent costly water damage.

We rely on our toilet to work day-to-day, and that includes flushing properly. Sometimes, and it happens to all of us, toilets can start to overflow. This might be due to an unfortunate clog or some other issue but no matter what, you need to take care of this fast. This is important knowledge to have beforehand as you may need to act quickly. While you may need to inevitably call a plumber, or may be able to deal with the issue with some DIY ingenuity, it’s important to follow this emergency toilet protocol and keep your home from being damaged.

Taking Immediate Action

Your first course of action should be to stop the water from flowing so as to prevent any serious water damage. The best way to do this is the toilet’s main shutoff valve, which can typically be located somewhere between the water line leading from your bathroom to the toilet. In some cases, you may not see this and the valve could be hidden behind the wall or under the floor. If you lack this valve, you may have to shut off your home’s entire water valve.

Close the valve and you’ll stop water from filling the bowl. This can give you enough time to get the clog clear yourself or, if necessary, call your plumber. Be careful though, as these valves are rarely used aside from emergencies such as this, so it may be difficult to turn. As a preventative measure, it’s best to turn the valve a few times a year so it’s ready to go when you really need it.

Plan B

If you’re having difficulties with your water shutoff valves, there is another way to stop the toilet from overflowing. You will need to reach into the toilet tank and check the flapper. If it’s open, reach in manually and close it. If it’s not open, or if it just won’t stay closed, you need to find the float ball—that’s the bit that floats on the top of the water—and lift the ball to the top of the water. Nonetheless, this may not always work, so it’s best to shut the valves off when you can and then get that clog cleared.

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