Plumbing and Laying Down New Pipes


Is it time for new pipes? Your plumbing may thank you in the long run.

Water main breaks. Frozen pipes. Cold showers.

The winter months can be tough on your plumbing, and many of the problems that can arise are easily seen with the naked eye. However, there are more subtle but serious plumbing problems that can be lurking right below the surface, waiting to ruin your week or even the entire season. Below are a few signs to keep a look out for all year round that may signal that it is time to replace your old plumbing.

Rusty Water

Perhaps one of the most obvious ways to see if your plumbing needs replacing is if your tap isn’t running clear. Rusty water appears reddish-brown and smells metallic. Once you’ve determined that rust is coming from your tap, you must ascertain whether it is your own pipes causing the problem or if the city is to blame. Run your cold water for a bit, then your hot water. If your water clears after a few minutes, then your pipes are not likely to blame. If rust is present in your hot and cold water, then you may have a problem that should be reported to your local water authorities.

Water Leaks

One easy way to verify if you need new plumbing is by checking for any leaks. Doing this is pretty easy; first, make sure your water is turned off and double check the fridge. If you have the type that makes its own ice, be absolutely certain the pipes are closed! Next, locate your water meter and note the needle’s position on the dial. Wait 30 minutes, and if the needle has moved, then you probably have a leak that needs tending to. Call Mahon Plumbing and ask us to inspect your home.

Water Line Replacement

Sometimes, underlying problems are so severe that an entire water line may need to be replaced. Water lines supply fresh water to your home, so they are extremely important. Sometimes, lines can break from tree roots or corrosion, but luckily there are some ways that you can tell if you water lines needs to be fixed. Water discoloration can be an indicator of a faulty water line, as well as soggy spots on your lawn. Low water pressure and an increased water bill can also be clues to let you know that you need a new water line, and it’s important that you get it fixed as soon as possible.

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