Should You Get a Video Inspection Done on Your Plumbing?

Mahon Plumbing Video Inspection

There are certain situations when it’s a good idea to have a video inspection done on your plumbing to diagnose and fix any issues.

Your plumbing is one of the most important systems in your home. It’s your vital connection to your municipal freshwater supply, but it is also the system that carries away all of your wastewater. If either part of the system gets blocked up, it can be a huge problem. And while there are lots of ways and reasons that blockages can occur, from root intrusion to pipe corrosion and more, it’s not always immediately obvious what has happened or where. Thankfully, modern plumbers have an amazing tool that can cut out a lot of the guesswork and get right to the root of the problem (be it roots or something else): video line inspection. So when should you opt for a video inspection of your plumbing?

You’re Buying a Home

If you’re buying an old home, you should absolutely have the plumbing inspected, and a video inspection is a great way to know exactly what you’re getting. The problem with older homes is that you never really know what has or has not been done to the plumbing system, and since so much of it is hidden behind walls or under floors, it is hard to see until the problem makes it obvious. The bottom line is that the pipes are old and may be hiding potential problems that you’d be wise to be forewarned about.

Your Home is Old

Even if you’re not buying a home, you could still benefit from a video pipe inspection. If the home you already live in is old, most of the pipes are probably old too. A video inspection can help you to know where the potential problems are and try to repair or replace those sections before they burst and cause humongous problems.

You’re Having Minor Issues

Finally, if you’re already noticing minor issues, like slow drains or occasional clogs, you could benefit form a video pipe inspection. The truth is that most households have habits that endanger their pipes, and yours is likely no exception. A video inspection of your pipes can help you to find problems while they are still small and easy to manage. Additionally, if you have a small leak but don’t know where it is or a missing pipe (it is actually more common than you might think to not know exactly where a pip goes), a video inspection can help find those too. There is almost never a bad side to knowing more about your plumbing system, but you can definitely have trouble if you don’t know enough about it.

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