How Can You Avoid Fruit Flies and Drain Flies?


Dealing with pesky flies near your drain? It might be time to call a plumber.

Unfortunately, it’s a pretty common experience for homeowners and renters to experience minor bug infestations in their home. Most commonly among these are experiences with fruit flies or drain flies—tiny little pests that aren’t so bad on their own but as soon as you’re dealing with them in numbers, you’ll wish they were gone. The good news is, there are a few ways you can easily avoid having to deal with obnoxious flies buzzing around your drain and kitchen.

Handling Drain Flies

Oftentimes you’ll find these kinds of flies around any and every drain in your home—including those in both the kitchen and bathroom. Sometimes this occurs because of a drain pipe leak that may be happening beneath your sink, bath, or kitchen, so check those areas to see if there are any signs of leakage.

Drain flies can also be a problem in moist areas in your home. If you have a slow or clogged drain, it may be giving your flies the perfect environment to multiply in. To tackle this, try calling your local plumber to have them come out and clear up your drains, alleviating your fly problem!

Dealing With Fruit Flies

Fruit flies are actually entirely different from drain flies and usually love unrefrigerated produce, like vegetables and fruit, which is where they get their name from. Fruit flies can lay up to 500 eggs near food that isn’t refrigerated so once you have the problem, it can be hard to get rid of. They also take advantage of garbage bags, empty bottles and cans, and garbage disposals. Take a moment to clean your kitchen out and get rid of any sources of food for them!

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