Are Your Plumbing Pipes Worn Out?


Over time, your plumbing may become worn out and issues could develop.

Your plumbing system is constantly vulnerable to freezing, erosion, and other issues that cause leaks. If you don’t keep up with the maintenance and repairs of this system, you’ll end up paying high bills, costs, and fees for bigger issues. Being able to recognize worn out pipes and plumbing issues is the first step to maintaining a functioning system. It will help you narrow down what the problems may be and where it’s coming from; if pipes need to be repaired or replaced. Here are some signs to look out for in your pipes.

Regular Inspections

It’s a good idea to have your plumbing system inspected annually by a professional, especially if your home is 50 years or older. Between those times, you should also pay close attention to how your pipes are operating throughout the year. Keep an eye out for anything that you think is suspicious. When you turn on your faucets in the sinks and tubs, be watchful for brown stains and drips, or any weird noises when turning your fixtures. In addition, check for dark spots on your walls, ceilings, and the surfaces below your plumbing fixtures. These tasks may seem mundane, but if you find something suspicious, addressing the problem sooner rather than later could results in savings up to thousands of dollars.

Water Color

Take note of the clarity and color of your water. You can test it by filling up a cup of water from the tap. Conduct a visual inspection by checking for a brown or yellowish tint. These colors are pointing to an issue with the condition of your pipes. There may be an issue of rust or decay that needs the attention of a professional plumber.


A dripping faucet is more than just an annoying waste of water, it’s a symptom of a larger issue in your pipes. If drips are occurring for more than 10 minutes after turning off the water, even if it’s at a very slow rate, it should be addressed before it becomes a larger issue.

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